GIG 230: XC-NN – Camden Palace, 5th September 1995

This was the sixth time I’d seen XC-NN (formerly CNN) and also possibly the last time sadly. They were a great band live and it was a shame they didn’t last longer, or get more acclaim – but that is the way so often for bands sadly. You can be a great band and not have the success your music merits, or a bad band that just gets lucky or have the right person waving your flag to the right people who get you airplay.

In anycase, it was Tuesday night and I was back at Feet First in Camden Palace. A few of us had spent a couple of hours drinking at the World’s End before wandering up Camden High Street and whilst it was largely the usual Feet First crowd we’d be joined by a few people specifically for the XC-NN gig at midnight.

XC-NN played a good, enjoyable, set. Plenty of tracks from their debut album (“XC-NN”) as well as the newly released follow-up (“Lifted”). Certainly put on another good show for us all. As I mentioned, above, I’m not sure if this was the last time I saw them live or not. They eventually split up in 1997, so it’s possible I managed to catch them again. I guess I’ll find out if they crop up on the gig list again in due course – I kind of hope so as they were one of my favourite bands of the mid-90’s.

XC-NN – Lifted
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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