GIG 218: Sunshot / John Palmer / The Valley Of The Dolls – Borderline, 3rd July 1995

Saturday may have seen us at Wembley Arena seeing big pop acts, but come Monday evening Mike and myself were back at The Borderline for something much more our usual fare of music.

Tonight was a chance to see Sunshot again. I hadn’t seen them for over a year (GIG 169) and that was way too long. I also hadn’t seen them headlining since The Dome back in 1991 (GIG 077), as they’d been support acts all the other times.

The opening act, The Valley Of The Dolls, were excellent. Really, really good and I’m surprised I don’t think I ever saw them again – or even heard of them again for that matter. It looks like they never released anything in their own right and spent most of their time being session, or back up, musicians for other bands.

I was not keen on John Palmer, the second act of the night. Not sure why – as my notes don’t say – but he/they are not an act I think I ever saw again either.

Sunshot were still just as brilliant as always. They had such a great sense of raw energy about them and were fantastic to see live. I’mnot entirely sure I saw them again after this gig – although they did release their final EP in 1996 so I may have gotten another chance. I hope I did.

Sunshot – Baby Doll
Price: Unknown

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