GIG 169: CNN / Sunshot / Sulphur – Marquee, 12th May 1994

Thursday evening was usually our local games club, which in 1994 had been rather dominated by the Magic: The Gathering card game that had been released the previous year and took the gaming world by storm. To the extent that almost 30 years later it’s still growing in popularity and helped earn it’s publisher, Wizards of the Coast, over $1 billion in 2021! So it was unusual for me not to be testing out my latest deck and swapping cards at the club. So what took me away this evening? Well, the chance to see both CNN and Sunshot again 🙂 Plus it was UK Gen Con for the next few days so I’d be getting plenty of Magic time in then!

First band of the night were Sulphur, who were ok but didn’t set me afire. Sunshot were their usual chaotic brilliant selves and only narrowly missed out being the best band of the night to CNN, who once again put on a fantastic show.

Their were family ties between CNN and Sunshot as Tim Bricheno (previously of All About Eve and Sisters of Mercy) played guitar for CNN whilst his brother, Toby, was Sunshot’s guitarist.

CNN – Looking Forward
Price: Unknown

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