#RPGaDAY2022 Day 25 – Where has that character been?

Welcome to #RPGaDAY2022! Now in its ninth year, #RPGaDAY was originally created by RPG author and games designer David Chapman (Conspiracy X, Doctor Who, etc) as a bit of fun and to get people talking about tabletop roleplaying games. August was chosen, I believe, to coincide with tabletop roleplaying’s gaming mecca that is Gen Con – which usually takes place in the States (Inidanapolis these days) every August.

#RPGaDAY is open to everyone so if you want to join in just check out the prompts below to inspire a blog, vlog, or so

Day 25 : Where has that character been?

Jack Adelaide started off in Australia before being sent over to Johannesburg (South Africa) posing as an embassy employee before going undercover as a student at the university there to steal some Ophi-tech (weird science/magic tech that has appeared since the killing of Jörmungandr (the World Serpent). We needed to steal the tech to give us a cover for being Ophi-tech smugglers and traders. Whilst given some assistance by the local Embassy Secret Agent Chief, it was made clear that if things went wrong they’d never heard of us. Thankfully things didn’t go “too” wrong, although did end up involving a high speed chase out of Johannesburg.

Since then we’ve been travelling up Africa’s west coast, with various stops – including raiding a crooked ex-British Colonial Colonel’s residence to steal some more ophi-tech and helping a tribe out in Mozambique with what we thought was a wild animal problem but proved to be so, so, much more.

Now in Zanzibar tracking down a Nazi scientist/occultist.

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