GIG 217: East 17 / Peter Andre – Wembley Arena, 1st July 1995

You have not read this incorrectly. I did actually go to see East 17, with Peter Andre in support. Not only that but I went willingly and on purpose. I know, right?

A friend of mine (Barbie Mike) and myself had decided to try and see some of the big pop bands of the day as a bit of a laugh. We decided that Take That, Spice Girls and East 17 would be on our immediate hit list.

The tickets we ended up having for East 17 were actually phenomenal seats. We were pretty close to the front and fairly centre stage… I’m sure they would have been a lot of pre-teens and their mothers who would have killed for the seats we had.

Both Mike and myself really camped it for the gig… why not go the whole hog… and I reckon we were two of the few men in the actual crowd, and even fewer who were into industrial and alternate music.. although I remember one poor girl (must have been late teens) fairly close to us in a Nirvana shirt who had obvious come to escort her little sister who looked pretty miserable throughout the entire concert.

Peter Andre was at the time a bit of a teenage heart-throb. It was really funny as I signed a friend up to his mailing list at the concert and it took years for them to relaise it had been me. Was very amusing listening to him rant about all the spam post he was receiving through his letterbox on behalf of the singer.

I wasn’t keen on Peter Andre (live or on record).

East 17 though were a real surprise. They were actually incredibly good live and both Mike and I found ourselves singing along and had a fantastic time at the gig. The stage set was pretty good and the band themselves were excellent. So what started off as a bit of a silly dare ended up being a surprsingly enjoyable experience.

As to the other bands on our Hit List. We managed to score what we thought was a guest pass to see The Spice Girls when they played a set at the G.A.Y. club which was at The Astoria at the time. But we had to go to the LA2 (next door) that had another club night on (this time more 60’s rock) which we were also on the guest list for and meet up with a cook who would then take us through the tunnels to The Astoria to get into G.A.Y. for the set. Didn’t quite go according to plan as both Mike and I got incredibly drunk at the 60’s club and ended up staying there. So never ended up seeing Spice Girls or Take That, although I did catch Robbie Williams (one of the members of Take That) at Glastonbury Festival a few years later.

East 17 – Deep
Price: £15.50

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