GIG 215: Warrior Soul / Clawfinger / Headswin / Misery Loves Co. – Astoria, 15th June 1995

The Kerrang-Carlsberg Tour 1995 rolled into London and took over The Astoria for the night. Four bands, three of whom I’d seen before, and a night of headbanding awaited.

I had a week off so really had no excuse for arriving late at this gig. But for some reason we did arrive late and unfortunately missed Misery Loves Co. whom I really liked. Headswim was the first band we saw, and were the only band playing who I’d never seen before, and didn’t really know much about. They were ok (and ended up being the second best band of the night) but I wasn’t blown away by them.

Next up were Clawfinger, a Swedish band I’d seen a couple of times, and most recently in April with Misery Loves Co. at The Underworld (GIG 207). Clawfinger were really good (once again) and certainly would be my choice of the band of the night.

I’d seen Warrior Soul a couple of times before – once supporting Metallica back in 1990 (GIG 054) and then at The Feet First Club in Camden Palace earlier the month before this one (GIG 208). I hadn’t really been all that impressed by them on either occasion, being a blend of rock/metal that I wasn’t really in to, and I found them pretty much the same as before on this occasion. They weren’t bad – they just weren’t really my musical taste.

Warrior Soul – Love Destruction
Price: £9.00

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