GIG 207: Clawfinger / Misery Loves Co. – The Underworld, 24th April 1995

I’d been looking forward to this one. An amazing duo of bands sharing the same stage and at The Underworld – which was a really nice small(ish) venue underneath The Worlds End pub in Camden.

Both bands were heavier than the music I was generally listening to at the time. I tended to be a lot more Industrial/EBM and Goth – but I did enjoy other bands and certainly didn’t mind a bit of good hard rock.

Misery Loves Co. were technically definded as “industrial metal” which Clawfinger were “metall”. Both bands were from Sweden and both had brilliant albums out which were getting quite a lot of plays at home. I’d missed Clawfinger supporting Alice in Chains about 18 months earlier (GIG 131) so this was my first time catching them live.

Six of us met up for the gig – Mike H, Mike R, Gideon, Alex, Angela and myself – and were treated to absolutely fantastic sets by both bands.

Misery Loves Co. were brilliant and were one of the best bands I’d seen all year. They were quickly pushed into second best band of the year (so far) though as Clawfinger were even better!

Absolutely great night.

Clawfinger – Do What I Say
Price: £6.00

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