GIG 054: Metallica / Warrior Soul – Wembley Arena, 23rd May 1990

This was the tail end of the ‘Justice For All World Tour’, which was one of Metallica’s best albums (although my favourite is their Black album that came out a few years later). I’d been in to Metallica during their Master of Puppets days and had been drifting away from them and more into goth and what would become industrial/EBM for a little while.

My Warhammer buddy Nik and I went to see them play Wembley Arena and they were brilliant. Highlights of the night for me were certainly ‘One’ and ‘Justice For All’. We also bumped in to Matt, Jackie, Siouxsie and a few others at the gig, which considering the size of the place was an achievement in itself :p

Just listening to One again as I write this brings back so many memories. It’s truly a fantastic track, and every time I’ve seen them perform it live is an experience.

Support came in the form of Warrior Soul.

Metallica – One
Price: £11.00

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