#RPGaDAY2022 Day 9 – What is the 2nd RPG you brought?

Welcome to #RPGaDAY2022! Now in its ninth year, #RPGaDAY was originally created by RPG author and games designer David Chapman (Conspiracy X, Doctor Who, etc) as a bit of fun and to get people talking about tabletop roleplaying games. August was chosen, I believe, to coincide with tabletop roleplaying’s gaming mecca that is Gen Con – which usually takes place in the States (Inidanapolis these days) every August.

#RPGaDAY is open to everyone so if you want to join in just check out the prompts below to inspire a blog, vlog, or social media post to celebrate everything great about our hobby with the tag #RPGaDAY2022

Day 9 : What is the 2nd RPG you bought?

I was given the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook and Dungeon Master’s Guide as Christmas presents. They were the first RPG books I actually owned. The first RPG I purchased was the Middle Earth Roleplaying Game (MERP) which Iron Crown Publishing created (although the edition I brought was the British edition publilshed by Games Workshop).

The second RPG I brought is a bit of a tough one. When I moved back to Britain a few friends at school were playing, and I also joined a Saturday group that met in a library in Swiss Cottage (London). Whilst D&D (or rather AD&D at the time) was the game we played quite a bit, both groups (school and Saturday) also played a lot of other games – Paranoia, Twilight: 2000, Marvel Super Heroes, Psi World, Judge Dredd, Golden Heroes, etc.

I know the second game I played was Top Secret, as I played that a week after my first D&D game in the States. I’m not entirely sure which game was my second purchase but I think it may have been Paranoia, so I’m going to stick with that.

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