GIG 195: Cries of Tammuz / The Last Dance / Cathedral Lung – Marquee, 8th January 1995

The first of the Marquee’s Sunday night ‘Goth’ gig of the year, and a return to the stage of Cries of Tammuz, so a chance to catch up with Paul and the rest of the band, as well as loads of the regulars on the gig circuit whom I’d not seen since before the holidays.

It was also my girlfriends, Angela, birthday so I’d spent the day with her and her family celebrating. She wasn’t really into the ‘goth’ side of music (much more rock orientated), plus she lived the other side of London to me so she was with her family for the evening while I got to experience the joy of The Marquee’s sticky carpet. The carpet, in front of the stage, would destroy your shoes/boots if you stayed still too long. The soles of your shoes would glue themselves to the carpet so if you weren’t careful (or had an old pair of shoes) you’d be liable to lose the bottom when you tried to move, if you could actually lift your foot up. I’m sure some of the regulars at The Marquee were just people who had become trapped there years before…

But anyway, first band of the night were Cathedral Luing who were pretty good. Next up was Californian band The Last Dance. I’m not quite sure why they were second on the bill and not headlining, given they were touring all the way from the US, but they played a decent set and I quite enjoyed them. Cries of Tammuz, once again headlining the Marquee, were still the best band of the night and once again played a really great set.

Cries of Tammuz – The Summoning
Price: Unknown

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