Temporary Downtime

Due to my PC undergoing some repairs I’m having a few days ‘downtime’ from this blog. All of my concert ticket scans are on the PC so I can’t access them to add to the gig list updates. They’ll resume as usual once I have the PC back – or once everything is transferred from the old PC to a new machine if it comes to that.

Face The Music (Season 2) will also be launching in a couple of weeks. I’ve got a great slate of gaming industry friends to share their musical tastes with us all, with more being added.

The weekly Poetry column will also resume once I get the PC back, as will the RPG PDF New Releases column that has been absent for the last couple of weeks due to my ‘day job’ workload intruding into my free time.

I’m in two minds about resurrecting the X-Men Retrospective column. It’s been three months since I last wrote one and whilst the feedback and views were pretty decent it wasn’t as popular as a number of my other entries and takes a while to do. If you want more of those please let me know in the comments below or message me. You could sway me back to doing more ;p

So apologies for the temporary downtime. Regular daily updates should be resuming shortly!

All the best and thanks for reading,


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