ENNIE 2022 Nominations – Eldritch Century up for Best Setting!

The ENNIE 2022 nominations were announced a few days ago, and among the titles up for an award this year is Draco Studios ‘Eldritch Century: Chronicles of the Wounded Earth’, which I helped develop.

The ENNIEs are an annual award ceremony that takes place at Gen Con in Indianapolis which was originally run by the ENWORLD tabletop news site and forum. It’s been largely independently run for the last few years, with publishers submitting their games to a panel of judges (that are selected by public voting each year) who then select their favourite titles for each category of award. The final shortlists are then announced a month before Gen Con and go to a public vote – with the winners and runners-up being announced at a ceremony at Gen Con.

This year there are 22 categories, ranging from Best Podcast to Best Art (Cover and Interior have their own categories) and Best Organized Play to Best Adventure, plus five Judges Spotlight Winners.

Eldritch Century is nominated for ‘Best Setting’, and is up against some great competition – including the Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn by Dorrington Press, which is the campaign setting for the immensely popular Critical Role series and written by Matthew Mercer. So it’s likely the remaining four games will be vying for the Silver Award.

I own Historia and Jiangshi and they are both fantastic products in every aspect. Art, writing, and setting. I don’t know Colostle but it’s been nominated for several awards so I will probably check it out at some point, although I don’t really Solo RPG so not sure how useful it will be to me personally.

Eldritch Century is a sci-fi/horror game set in an alternate 1986 where Earth is vastly different from the one we live in today. During The Great War a mysterious fog, called the Miasma, appeared and started spreading across the battlegrounds of Europe. Eldritch forces awoke and hideous monsters were rumoured to be roaming the lands the fog had enveloped. Around the world mysteries were unearthed from aeons past, bringing new technology, and over time six powerful factions emerged with their own ideology, technology, and goals – plus the Minerva Initiative.

The world was fantastic to work on and develop, and the team at Draco Studios are some of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with. Early on in the project they flew me over to Mexico for a week to meet the team and spend 4-5 days brainstorming, and developing, ideas for the setting and I can honestly say I had a fantastic time with them all – even if Dan and William did get me to eat a cricket taco at a restaurant on the last day…

The full list of ENNIE 2022 nominations can be found here.

Voting for this years awards takes place between 15th-24th July with the winners and runners up being announced at a ceremony at The Grand Plaza Union Station in Indianapolis (and live streamed on Youtube) starting at 8PM EST on the 5th August.

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