GIG 183: XC-NN / 94-Nil – The Electric Ballroom, 20th September 1994

Between the last time I saw CNN (GIG 175) supporting Sheep on Drugs in June and this gig a certain global cable news channel lawyers became involved which resulted in a name change from CNN to XC-NN. A name change that seems to have appeased certain quarters as they continued to use it until they eventually split up in 1996 after recording a couple of albums and boasting a string of singles.

Once again we were down in Camden at The Electric Ballroom on a Tuesday night for the third week running to see some bands and attend their club night. I’m not sure if the night fizzled after this, but it looks like this was the last Tuesday we went to and I reverted back to Camden Palace’s Feet First night on Tuesday later in the year.

I’d not heard of 94-Nil before, but they were very good. No idea what became of them, and the internet doesn’t come up with anything in a Google search for me (the results are loads of tax entries and articles….). I’m pretty sure this was also the only time I ever saw them.

XC-NN were just as good now as they were when they were plain old CNN.

XC-NN – Biroland

Price: Unknown

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