GIG 181: Blessed Ethel – The Electric Ballroom, 6th September 1994

This gig, and a couple more coming up, have me slightly confused. They all take place on a Tuesday evening but I’ve got them down as being at The Electric Ballroom. That in itself isn’t unusual, I frequented the Ballroom a lot for their club nights and it was also used as a live music venue. But it seems they must have had a kind of club on after the bands as I’ve got a couple of the entries marked down as being there until 2.30am. I can’t recall anything about these gigs, but Tuesday nights would usually have seen me up the road from the Ballroom at Camden Palace for their alternate night – complete with midnight band.

Was the Ballroom trying to compete and take a slice of the Tuesday evening alternative pie? Did I somehow get the two venues mixed up for a few weeks of gig entries (which I think very unlikely)? I’ve no idea, but on this Tuesday evening I was down at (apparently) The Electric Ballroom with several friends and Blessed Ethel were playing.

…and that’s about as much as I can tell you. I don’t remember Blessed Ethel and they weren’t a band I’d have gone to see at the time – which is why I suspect it was some kind of “club night + band”. I thought they were ok, but certainly didn’t leave an impression.

Blessed Ethel – Rats
Price: Unknown

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