GIG 178: Incubus Succubus / Cries of Tammuz – Marquee, 31st July 1994

Two of my most frequently seen bands playing on the same bill again. There were indeed times I saw them on different line-ups but there was certainly a year or so that saw them play together more often than not. Or it certainly seemed that way.

I’m not sure if it was the weather, or I’d been out a lot, or that this was the third night in a row of live music, but whatever the reason was I actually didn’t enjoy the gig all that much which was a surprise given how much I liked both bands and that they’d generally been pretty consistently good every time I’d seen them.

Loads of people were at the Marquee who I knew, but something just didn’t gel for me on this occasion.

Hardly the end of the world but an out-of-character blip.

Incubus Succubus – Beltaine
Price: Unknown

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