GIG 177: Skin / Baby Stafford – The Forum, 30th July 1994

After spending all Saturday hosting a Magic: The Gathering day for Leisure Games down at one of the local pubs (The Minstrel – my favourite local drinking haunt in Finchley at the time – sadly no longer there) Jim, Sue and myself headed down to Kentish Town to catch rockers Skin at The Forum.

This was definitely an “I’m going because the others are” gig, after pulling Sue to countless industrial and goth gigs that I was going to. I wasn’t so in to rock music, especially ones that sounded very generic – which is how I felt about Skin.

The support band, Baby Stafford, were ok but nothing special. Skin actually surprised me and I really enjoyed them. Maybe a bit of ‘generic sounding’ rock was ok once in a while afterall ;p

Skin – Look But Don’t Touch
Price: £7.00

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