GIG 172: Eskimos & Egypt – Camden Palace, 31st May 1994

I was really looking forward to this evenings trip down to Feet First at Camden Palace. The fact that I’d probably not managed to get to bed earlier than about 2am over the last two weeks due to gigs, clubbing, Gen Con UK, and playtesting White Wolf’s Wraith: The Oblivion – whilst still managing to work 9.30-6pm days – somehow didn’t stop the 22-year old me from buzzing with excitement to see a bunch of friends clubbing and also to see Eskimos & Egypt live.

Eskimos & Egypt were this evenings band at Camden Palace. I’d brought a single or two of theirs and really liked them – especially UK:USA which had come out the previous year. The band never really got much chart success – their two singles reaching #51 (Fall From Grace) and #52 (UK:USA) and I’m not sure I ever heard them on the airwaves – although they obviously managed to get on to MTV from the below video.

I thought they were fantastic live. A great electronic dance band that should really have achieved more.

Eskimos & Egypt – UK:USA
Price: £2

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