GIG 171: Nine Inch Nails / PIG / Treponem Pal – The Forum, 26th May 1994

Fresh from having finished playtesting Wraith: The Oblivion at 3am the previous night (or much earlier in the day more technically I guess) and having worked 9.30 to 6pm at Leisure Games I was back in Kentish Town to see Nine Inch Nails on the last night of their three night stint at The Forum.

This evening I had a downstairs ticket which meant I could dance among the masses in front of the stage, as opposed to view proceedings from above like I had two evenings earlier.

All of the bands were pretty much the same as I thought they were on Tuesday. Treponem Pal were still ‘ok’, PIG were still really good and Nine Inch Nails were still FANTASTIC!

The only thing that disappointed me slightly was that at the end of the set Nine Inch Nails trashed their instruments and stage set – in the exact order they had done on the first night. This made me realise that what seemed like a random act which made us wide-eyed the previous night was actually just a well rehearsed choregraphed act that the band did probably at every show. Still, bloody great gig again though 🙂

Nine Inch Nails – Gave Up
Price: £10.00

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