GIG 167: Incubus Succubus / Cries of Tammuz – Marquee, 8th May 1994

An evening of two bands I’d now seen probably more than any other at the time… and more than once on the same bill together. For some reason I got to the Marquee at 3pm and hung around back stage, during the soundchecks, etc, with the bands. So I got to see the ‘glory’ that was the backstage area of The Marquee. For all the history of the bands that played the venue the backstage area was definitely more along the ‘spit and sawdust’ side of things – but then I guess that’s rock n’ roll for you ;p

There’s not a lot I can really add about either Incubus Succubus or Cries of Tammuz that I’ve not said before. Both played great sets and were wonderful to watch live and it was a great line-up of ‘main band / support band’ that worked incredibly well.

Incubus Succubus – Paint It Black

Price: Guest List

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