GIG 166: Tori Amos / The Divine Comedy – The Palladium, 30th April 1994

I’ve loved Tori Amos since her debut solo album, Little Earthquakes, came out in 1992. Her second album, Under the Pink, followed in February 1994, debuting at #1 in the UK album charts and this was her tour to support that album.

She was playing at The Palladium, usually home to theatre performances and a venue I’d never been to before for live music. I met up with Paul (lead singer of Cries of Tammuz and fellow Tori fan) in London that afternoon and then headed to the venue in time for the bands.

Tori’s support act were The Divine Comedy. Despite not being much of a Divine Comedy fan (then or subsequently) they put on a good performance and I enjoyed them live.

The stage was set for Tori. A piano in the middle of an otherwise empty stage. I think I’d just presumed she’d be playing with a band – but she came on alone, sat down, and launched into Yes, Anastasia before moving on to Precious Things and then hits Pretty Good Year and Crucify. Silent All These Years, Me and a Gun, and others followed for her main set.

She played two encores, the first with Cornflake Girl and Sugar. The second consisting of Tear in Your Hand, Here In My Head and finishing off with Past the Mission.

For an artist, all by herself with just a piano as her companion, she was stunning live. Mesmerizing. She had such power and presence and her voice enraptured us all. I’ve been lucky enough to see her more than once, and have loved her every time. She’s certainly an artist I’d recommend seeing atleast once if you get the opportunity to.

Truly stunning.

Tori Amos – Crucify
Price: £11.50

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