GIG 164: Vendemmian / The Voice – Marquee, 10th April 1994

Fresh from being in Nottingham with Restoration II the night before Sunday saw me at The Marquee seeing Vendemmian – who had been the other part of Restoration before various band members went their separate ways and became two bands worth of music and live shows.

The support for this evening was a band called The Voice. I’d not heard them before, and am not sure I ever heard of them again after this evening, but they were pretty good. Certainly up there with quite a few bands I’d seen and it was a shame I didn’t catch them again.

Vendemmian, whom I’d seen three times prior to this evening, weren’t as on fire as they had been on previous occasions. They were still enjoyable, but for whatever reason a little bit of that magic was missing from their usual set.

Vendemmian – Betrayal by Youth
Price: Unknown

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