GIG 155: The Marionettes / Gunshot Dance / Black Vinyl Lust – The Dome, 9th March 1994

A mid-week gig at The Dome in Tufnell Park. Oddly exactly a year to the day since I’d been to my last gig at The Dome (GIG 114). March seemed to be a month for Dome concerts as out of the five gigs I’d seen here (including this year) four had been in March, with the oddity being in October – which strangely enough featured The Marionettes (GIG 104) who were the reason for our trip tonight.

Despite being a Wednesday night we had quite a crowd meet up and head to see The Marionettes. Of the support bands I preferred Black Vinyl Lust to Gunshot Dance, but neither blew me away. The Marionettes, on the other hand, were as good as I’d seen them 18 months earlier.

The Marionettes – Ave Dementia
Price: Unknown

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