GIG 142: Incubus Succubus / Curse In Vain / Cries of Tammuz – The Moonlight Club, 10th December 1993

It’s Friday night… and a gig night! It’s also another Incubus Succubus gig at The Moonlight Club in West Hampstead. It’s also the first time I saw Cries of Tammuz – a band I went on to see quite a few times and got to know Paul (the lead singer) and Francesca (friend of Paul’s) pretty well for a bit in the mid-90’s and am still – loosely thanks to Facebook – in touch with today, although haven’t seen either for far, far too many years.

Anyway, Cries of Tammuz opened the evenings shenanigans and – whilst they impressed me a month later when I saw them at The Marquee (GIG 145) – I thought they were ok, but nothing special. If that’s ever a reason to make sure you see a band a second time I’m not sure what is as pretty much every gig I saw them at after this I thought they were great live.

The second band on was a band called Curse In Vain, whom I’d also never seen before but would also see a month later – with Cries of Tammuz – at The Marquee supporting Vendemmian (GIG 145). Unlike Cries of Tammuz though I didn’t think they were any better the second time than I did this evening – definitely the weakest of the three bands on offer. I can’t remember anything about them other than my notes so sadly can’t say anymore than that.

That brings us to the headliners, Incubus Succubus. A band I’d already seen a number of times by now, and would continue to see many times more over the following years. Once again Candia, Tony and the crew put on a great gig.

Unlike a number of the Friday night Moonlight Club outings (or Friday nights in general) we didn’t all then decamp down to Camden to go to the Electric Ballroom. I had work the next day. Not that working Saturdays – something I didn’t do all that often – would have usually stopped me, but we were running Magic: The Gathering demos all day for the first time. Possibly the first store in the UK to do so at the time as it had just started to take off in the UK. I have a feeling it may have been the release weekend of Arabian Nights (the first ever expansion) but am not entirely sure.

Incubus Sucubus – Wytches
Price: £2.50

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