GIG 141: CNN / Casino – The Water Rats, 9th December 1993

Formed in 1992 by David Tomlinson (vocals), Tim Bricheno (guitar; ex-All About Eve/Sisters of Mercy), and Neill Lambert (drums) CNN was a band that I’d been following for the last year and had picked up all the singles they’d released to date. I was really keen on seeing them live so when they played the Water Rats in King’s Cross I snapped up my ticket and headed down to stand around in the backroom of a pub to waiting for them to come on.

I can’t remember anything of Casino, the support band, beyond the note I have for the gig where I thought they were ‘ok/so-so/not bad’. CNN however did not disappoint and I really enjoyed the gig. Thankfully I managed to see them a number of times over there short-existence – both as CNN and then as XC-NN when they had to change their name due to the threat of legal action from a certain news channel. An under-rated band that really deserved a lot more attention.

CNN – 1000 Easy
Price: £5.00

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