GIG 138: Nosferatu / Incubus Succubus / Enrapture – Marquee, 21st November 1993

It’d been a busy couple of weeks since my last gig. EuroGenCon (or CryoGenCon as it had been nicknamed due to the ‘summer holiday’ chalets people stayed in being rather chilly in November) had taken place down at Camber Sands the previous week and I’d been helping at the Pagan Federation Conference all-day Saturday before heading down to the Marquee on a semi-regular pilgrimage for a Sunday live music fix of the more gothic variety.

The Marquee was offering up another three bands – two new ones I’d not seen before and Incubus Succubus whom I’d already seen three times before this gig.

Enrapture were ok, nothing special but certainly not bad. Incubus Succubus put on a decent show – and don’t get me wrong, they were still good – but not as good as the previous shows of theirs I’d been to. Nosferatu formed in 1988 and I’d heard some of their music before, possibly on a compilation album but I also think I had single or EP of theirs too. Anyway, I really enjoyed Nosferatu but think this may have been the only time I saw them live. Which considering I did enjoy them, and they are still touring today, I’m quite surprised this was my only live taste of them.

Nosferatu – Inside The Devil
Price: Unknown

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