GIG 137: Front 242 / Sheep On Drugs – Brixton Academy, 10th November 1993

I’m not sure why this gig got pushed back, but it was originally scheduled for 6th October. In anycase, Greg, Sue and myself headed south of the river to Brixton to see a duo of bands I was massively keen on. Front 242 (whom I’d never seen live before now) supported by Sheep On Drugs (whom it would have been a first time for me had the original date taken place, but who I’d actually managed to see headlining their own show a couple of weeks beforehand – GIG 136).

Sheep On Drugs put on a fantastic support slot and, whilst not as good as when I saw them headlining, they were still really good. Front 242 took things up to the next level though. They put on one of the best performances I’d seen, right up there among the top live bands I’d seen before, and since.

They were touring in support of their 06:21:03:11 Up Evil album that was released in late May ’93, and had also just put out another incredibly album, 05:22:09:12 Off, which is still one of my favourites today.

Front 242 – Religion
Price: £10.00

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