GIG 135: Judda / PIG / Foreheads in a Fishtank / Sow – Marquee, 24th October 1993

This was the third time I saw Judda live, and the first time with them headlining their own show. Sow, the first band on, where pretty good – certainly a lot better than Foreheads in a Fishtank whom I really didn’t like. The main support came in the form of PIG, which was my first introduction to the band.

I really enjoyed PIG, and ended up seeing them a number of times after this. What I never realised, until today, was that Raymond Watts (who basically is PIG) was an original member of KMFDM, another band I was listening to a lot in the early 90’s.

Judda were what I’d come to expect – a chaotic, anarchic, experience of industrial noise – I loved it.

Whilst writing this entry I also discovered that the pianist, and secondary singer, of Judda made the news in 2019 when he was training to become an ordained priest. He’s currently a curate at St Martins of Tours Church, Llay in Wales. (ITV News; The former Satanist, heroin addict and punk musician training to be a priest in Wales; 2nd December 2019)

Judda – Bark
Price: Unknown

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