Welcome back to the Role Playing Games PDF Spotlights column, where we look at some of the PDF’s that have been released in the past week that have caught my eye.

All of the below were released in PDF between 23rd – 29th April 2022.

Iron Kingdoms Requiem Campaign Setting

5E Dungeons & Dragons Setting

By Privateer Press

Delve into the award-winning world of the Iron Kingdoms with the latest edition of the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game from Privateer Press.

Iron Kingdoms: Requiem combines this fantastic setting with the newest edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game.

Inside this book, players will find the history of the Iron Kingdoms and information describing the current state of the world following the Claiming. Alongside these chapters is an extensive gazetteer providing detailed information on the most notable of the world’s unique and fascinating locations.

When making a character, players will be able to choose from many of the familiar countries and cultures of the setting.

Whether a player wants to be a human, gobber, trollkin, Rhulic dwarf, ogrun, Iosan, or Nyss elf, this book provides all the rules that make these different peoples unique.

When choosing a class, there are options many players are already familiar with, from the stalwart man-at-arms fighter to the free-flowing monk of the Order of the Fist.

Beyond these are brand-new rules for playing the characters that make the Iron Kingdoms such a memorable setting. These new classes include, among others, gun mages, arcane mechaniks, combat alchemists, and warcasters. Alongside these options are new feats, spells, and backgrounds to make characters feel even more a part of the world of the Iron Kingdoms.

Finally, within the pages of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem are extensive rules for the arcane technologies of the setting. These rules cover subjects from firearms and mechanika, like the galvanic arms and armor of the storm knight, to the mighty warjacks that accompany warcasters into battle.

Death in Space

Core Rulebook

By Free League Publishing

DEATH IN SPACE takes you to the grimy blue-collar future of a dying universe filled with risk and opportunity, where technology is broken and dirty and society is harsh and desperate. This book includes an introductory scenario and plenty of tables and tools to get you started immediately.

  • Create unique characters, marked by cosmic mutations and void corruption.
  • Customize your crew’s spacecraft or space station and salvage spare parts for repairs.
  • Take risky jobs to survive in the lawless and war-torn Tenebris system.

a|state Second Edition

Core Rulebook

By Handiwork Games

Step inside a baroque urban nightmare, the world of a|state.

In The City you’ll fight off threats to your canalside home, trying to make this grim and haunted place safer and better, somehow.

a|state brings a new, hopeful approach to the much-loved Forged in the Dark ruleset. Your ability to Care counts as much as your ability to Fight.

Create Troublemakers such as the deft and deadly Ghostfighter, the caring and curious Lostfinder, the persuasive and passionate Activist, and the striking and stealthy Sneakthief. If they can trust each other they might have a chance.

Defend your corner from selfish authorities, angry gangs and heartless industries, and deal with the spiralling consequences of your own actions as you struggle for a better tomorrow.

Bringing the wine-dark visual vibes of Dark City and The City of Lost Children, a|state delivers Dickensian anti-Thatcher sparks and knives sci fi.

Here’s a glimpse of some of what you’ll find in a|state second edition, in chapter order:

  • A smooth, powerful iteration of Forged in the Dark
  • Seven character playbooks with many more variations to explore
  • Rules for creating your own threatened corner of The City
  • Guidance for going on missions as you struggle to bring hope to your community
  • New rules to bring downtime between missions to life
  • A toolkit for exploring the unknown reaches of The City beyond your home
  • Focused assistance for the GM to create missions, support players and manage the whole struggle
  • The Trouble Engine, an innovative creation system that will throw problem after problem at the corner and those who defend it
  • A vibrant and instantly usable guide to life in The City
  • Playable details of 26 locations
  • Full descriptions of every major faction in The City and how they will make life difficult for the corner
  • Insights into the deepest mysteries of The City and the strange beings known as the Shifted
  • And throughout, there will be songs, poems, folk tales, advertising, and ephemera that vividly bring to life the world of The City.

This is the story of how you fight back.

Mork Borg Cult: Heretic

Mork Borg Zine

By Free League Publishing

MÖRK BORG CULT: HERETIC is a zine of community-made misadventure and malice, for use with MÖRK BORG or other rules-light dark fantasy games. In this heinous tome of curses and hexes you’ll find:

  • Seeds of a CVLT. Use this to generate cults, their leaders, beliefs and spiritual home. 
  • Unheroic Feats. Enhance and personalize your classless characters with these optional advancement rules.
  • Graves Left Wanting. A campaign-starting or post-TPK tombcrawl adventure where the PCs find themselves buried alive in the vast, ever-changing cemetery Graven-Tosk.
  • Bloat. Villagers disappear. Tracks lead to an underground temple of bacchanalian frenzy, reeking of rot, offal and bile. A two-page dungeon for the peckish. 
  • You are cursed. So you opened the puzzle box, whistled in the old mine or carelessly removed the protecting wards? These curses will be the consequence. Luckily, there are ways to break them, but it comes at a cost.
  • The Merchant. Cursed with eternal life and destined to roam the world trading shards of souls for ruinous relics. You never know when this mysterious monger might appear. Will you make a deal?
  • Blackpowder Weapons for the Rich and Foolhardy. The world is ending, so let’s end it with a BANG. These optional rules are the spark that adds fire- to your fights. 
  • Sepulchre of the Swamp Witch. In a hidden repository deep in the Slithering Swamp is a witch’s altar of glyph-covered roots. They say it can fulfill any wish. Could stopping the approaching Doom be within its powers? Only one way to find out. 
  • The Bone Bowyer. This horrid fey lurks in the tangled depths of Sarkash where it fashions heart-seeking bone bows and blood-dyed cloaks from the flesh of the lost. 
  • Borg Bitor. Vile, insectoid parasites creeping into houses and nurseries come nighttime. There is a baby. There is an egg. Don’t let them become one.
  • Rotting Nurse. Ghastly caretakers tormented by the eternal punishment for unforgivable atrocities. This foe is beyond any of you. Run!
  • Nurse the Rot. As you put Mother Marathuk—one of you dreg’s aunt—to rest, the village Tunstal sinks into darkness, leaving it to its doom unless something is done. 
  • Two additional, optional classes: The bastard of a bard Sacrilegious Songbird and the Shedding Vicar, a fanatic preaching the skinless gospel. 


Delta Green Campaign

By Arc Dream Publishing

The Father of War Unleashed

Iconoclasts brings a team of Agents to a scene of horrors all too real: Mosul in 2016, held by the self-styled Islamic State in a reign of depraved brutality. From a small base at the Kirkuk airfield, the Agents must research the horrors to come and prepare for a harrowing infiltration.

» HORRORS IN MOSUL: A grim overview of life under ISIL.
» A BLACK SMOKE RISING: A scenario as prelude. The players briefly take the roles of ISIL fighters, sent to destroy mysterious artifacts without knowing what terrors they might bring upon themselves.
» OPERATION BONE BOX: Delta Green Task Force 01132 gathers for a briefing on a ghastly incursion and an interview with an unusual witness: a renegade veteran of Delta Green.
» THE EVIL OF THE WHISPERER: Espionage, political wrangling, and pursuit of hidden myths of history and prehistory prepare the Agents for Mosul. But can any preparation be enough?
» AMONG JINN AND MEN: Gore in the streets of Mosul and the waters of the Tigris. A bloodthirsty cult, its viciousness shocking even by the standards of ISIL. A demon or god rising to ancient glory.
» BLACKER THAN BLACK: Extensive rules and guidelines for spying, crime, and backroom deals that can be the basis of an even broader international Delta Green campaign.
» New rituals, new tomes, and the dreadful details of a threat to suit all the evils of humanity.

This digital download includes an archive of over 80 digital handouts from the campaign that you can share in your own game.

Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green opposes the forces of darkness with honor but without glory. Delta Green agents fight to save humanity from unnatural horrors—often at a shattering cost.

Wanderer’s Guide to Merchants & Magic

5E Dungeons & Dragons Supplement

By Valeur RPG

Adventurers love magic items.

And all adventurers will eventually want to buy, sell, and trade magic items. But in 5E, that’s easier said than done – especially for the GM!

Letting the characters shop for magic items usually entails several hours of tedious preparations just to figure out what’s for sale and for how much. Magic items should never be boring or difficult.

Luckily, they no longer have to be.

Wanderer’s Guide to Merchants & Magic provides everything you need to make trading magic items fun for the players and easy for the GM.

What’s in the Book?

  • 23 ready-to-play magic shops
  • 120 new magic items
  • Price lists for magic items
  • 4 new 5E adventures
  • Rules, guidelines, & rolling tables for trading magic items

Super Powers Companion: Tales of the Doom Guard

Savage Worlds Supplement

By Pinnacle Entertainment

The Doom Guard is an organization you can drop into your campaign regardless of its style. They’re an “uber group” that can call on your heroes (or villains!) to fight threats greater than any one super or group can handle—or quell lesser threats before they grow into something more significant. The Doom Guard tracks even lesser crimes, having learned the hard way such mischief is often the harbinger of greater schemes and catastrophes to come.

The ‘Tales of the Doom Guard‘ adventures, as listed below:

Adventure 1, ‘Pulp’: Talons of the Demon Bat

Legacy City, 1937. The underworld thrives and LCPD faces threats far beyond any beat cop. Swarms of supernatural bats plague neighborhoods and things are getting worse. Can your pulp heroes find out who is behind this threat and stop them before the streets run red with blood?

Adventure 2, ‘Street Fighters’: Bizzare Alliances

An irradiated construction site, stolen plans from a high-tech lab, strange shipments at the port, and a heist at the museum. And a new villain, the Observer, interfering in strange ways. Can your street fighters stop the villains before these seemingly random events spell doom for your city?

Adventure 3, ‘Four Color’: Strange Arcana

Blackguard went missing in Legacy City over 72 hours ago. His last mission? Tracking down a strange cult and putting a stop to wherever they’re doing. Can your four color heroes rescue their ally and stop a threat from beyond this world before it is too late?

Adventure 4, ‘Heavy Hitters’: Apocalyptic Party Crashers

When the Doom Guard’s AI shares the inane ramblings of a conspiracy-theorist vlogger, the Doom Guard listens. The vlogger claims that Dark Star is going to collapse the Earth into a black hole for her boyfriend’s birthday (also called the Black Hole). Tabloid drama or threat to life on earth; can your heavy-hitting heroes figure it out and stop the Earth’s destruction?

Adventure 5, ‘Cosmic Crusaders’: Deep Reckoning

A massive shipping tanker filled with Z-Contaminant sunk in the Pacific Ocean, right over the Goliath Trench! The kaiju inhabiting the trench was mutated into an undead monstrosity known as Omega Goliath and is now on a path of destruction to Atlantis. If slain outright, Omega Goliath’s undead form will infect all ocean life and cause the collapse of the Earth’s biosphere. Can your cosmic crusaders save Goliath, Atlantis, and all life on Earth? Or will they have to choose?

Tales of Kisarta

5E Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Anthology

By Sushi Role

Tales of Kisarta is an expansion compendium for Kisarta, a setting sourcebook for Fifth Edition.

Inside you will find six dark legends linked to mysterious places of Kisarta Dominions or to epic characters, whose history blends with that of the evil places of this netherworld.

Each legend give you ideas to play adventures related to each of them, as well as new items and new spells that can be used by your characters.

If you are looking for the innermost secrets of Kisarta, this compendium can be a light for you in the darkness of these cursed realms!

Crime Friction

OSR Game

By Nuther World

Crime Friction is a mystery/crime rpg using Eric Bloat’s Hack the RPG.

The game is a minimalist take on the d20 OGL.
Attributes are boiled down to just the modifiers, and characters have class abilities instead of skills.

Included in Crime Friction:

  • 8 classes geared towards mystery, pulp fiction and crime dramas: Private Investigator, Police Detective, Amateur Sleuth, Investigative Reporter, Secret Agent, Bounty Hunter, Masked Crimefighter, and Reformed Criminal.
  • Alternative rules for generating hit points for enemies, where they’re hidden until the killing blow. Useful for playing solo.
  • A random difficulty generator. For those times when you want a bit more surprise or uncertainty. Also useful as a solo tool when you don’t feel like setting your own difficulty for tasks.
  • A simple yes/no oracle.
  • A random scenario generator.
  • A robust character name generator, with 300 male names, 300 female names and 600 surnames. Appropriate for mid-20th century America (roughly 1940s-1970s) pulp fiction or crime dramas.

Crime Friction should be compatible with other Hack the RPG games, such as Destination: Uncharted and The Monsters are our Heroes.

The Emperor’s Wrath

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Adventure

By Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Steam Tanks are mechanical wonders created by the genius Leonardo di Miragliano in 2025 IC and mostly kept in working order by the Imperial College of Engineers in Altdorf. They are enormous war machines, capable of propelling themselves over rough terrain and mounting large pieces of artillery.

Whilst the Engineers are able to keep eight of the contraptions in working order, the secrets of their construction died with Leonardo. The remaining tanks are therefore highly prized, so when one of them goes missing on the road to Carroburg competent and discrete investigators are sought to track it down.

The Emperor’s Wrath is a complete adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, but also includes a comprehensive guide to the history of the Empire’s Steam Tanks, the weapons and equipment they carry, and how to pilot one of these steel behemoth in games.

This scenario features:

●      A gripping mystery to discover what became of the Steam Tank Emperor’s Wrath.

●      A history of Steam Tanks, twelve wonders of engineering built centuries ago and maintained by engineers of Altdorf.

●      Rules for operating a Steam tank in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

●      Rules and background for the Bog Mummies, ancient Wights who haunt the fens and mires of the Old World.

Storms of Kiselia 7

Star Trek Adventrues Adventure

By Modiphius

A routine resupply mission to one of Kiselia 7’s moons leads to conflict with the ruthless Orion Syndicate.

On the moon Hydralon, a research team surveys ancient ruins and studies local flora and fauna. The team is low on supplies, but no problems have been reported, so this should be a simple mission, and it doesn’t hurt that Hydralon is said to be an idyllic locale. The crew could use some shore leave, and exploring the hot springs and lush forests of Hydralon sounds like the perfect respite from long months in space.

Unfortunately, shore leave will have to wait. Upon arrival, it’s clear that the Orion Syndicate has its sights set on profit. The situation develops as the Syndicate, local fauna, and stellar phenomena align to make the crew’s job even more dangerous. Can you ensure the safety of Hydralon’s science team under increasingly difficult circumstances?

This 23-page PDF adventure for the Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game is written by Jared Twing, and is set during The Next Generation era with the player characters being the crew of a Federation ship. This adventure also contains advice on adaptation for use in campaigns based in other Star Trek eras and contains a one-page mission brief to continue the story after the events of the main mission.

Never Mind the Dice Rolls Issue 8

RPG Magazine

By NMtDRzine

Issue 008 (28 pages) features:

  • Reviews of  Thousand Year Old Vampire, Vaesen and The Fall of Delta Green
  • Scenario for Liminal: Still Operating
  • The start of our new column on the history of D&D
  • Plus our regular columns, Trial & Error & Behind the GM Screen

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