GIG 133: ? – The Electric Ballroom, 15th October 1993

I almost skipped this one and let the Gig count jump from 132 straight to 134. But there was a GIG 133, at The Electric Ballroom in Camden Town on 15th October 1993 and it would have annoyed the hell out of me jumping over it if I ever came back to look at this online journey through my live music going younger years – and whilst the lure of GIG 133 not being written and spurning the urban legend of the ‘Missing Gig’ for centuries to come, I decided to do a filler entry for it anyway ;p

Fridays at The Ballroom were a club night (Full Tilt) and even though they occasional had a live band it was uncommon and we didn’t usually know about it in advance. Thus a band did interrupt our dancing on this autumn night, but I’ve no idea who they were. They can’t have been too memorable though as I’m sure I’d have found their name.

So, if anyone ever discovers who played The Electric Ballroom on Friday 15th October 1993 please let me know ;p

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