GIG 126: The Outcast Band – Electric Ballroom, 20th August 1993

The Electric Ballroom, in Camden Town, on Friday nights was home to the Full Tilt club for over two decades. It was also my frequent haunt on Friday nights for probably most of that time. Goth, Industrial and EBM on the ground floor with more classic rock and metal upstairs. Decent priced drinks and, for a number of years at the start, an area that sold bacon rolls and other quick and easy snacks to keep everyone going through to the point where they turfed you out so the DJ, barstaff, cooks and bouncers could finally go home and get some sleep (or head off to even later night/early morning recreational activities of their own).

They rarely had any live music on at the club which makes this one a bit of an oddity. I’m almost certain I didn’t have a clue a live band would be playing so it was by pure fluke that we ended up seeing The Outcast Band. I’ve not heard of them since, but apparently they had two of three albums out between 1992 to 1995 and then another appeared in 2010 along with a lot of festival appearances and tours.

I apparently really enjoyed them, but will admit I couldn’t remember anything about them or their music until I just checked them out on Youtube looking for a track for this entry. I can certainly see why I liked them though – a mix of the Levellers and The Waterboys. I’ve no idea why I never ended up picking up any of their albums or seeing them live again. They’re certainly being added to my playlist now though.

The Outcast Band – The Devils Road

Price : Unknown

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