GIG 004: Transvision Vamp / Fuse – Town & Country Club, 18th October 1988

This was a fantastic gig, Transvision Vamp had just released their debut album and had their first hit single so it was packed – plus it was my first non-Arena gig and blew me away.

I remember buying the vinyl of ‘Pop Art’ a few days beforehand and listening to it loads before the gig. I went with Jason and Adam ‘Wicksy’. Fuse were appalling bad and Tranvision Vamp delayed coming on stage which almost caused a riot inside the venue but when they came on they completely blew the place away. Wendy James was fantastic, the set was fantastic and I think many a teenage boy came away and had some very pleasant dreams that night :p

Transvision Vamp – Tell That Girl To Shut Up
Price £5.50

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