GIG 289: Rosetta Stone / De Volganes – The Underworld, 26th May 1996

It was the Spring Bank Holiday weekend so we were enjoying having three days off from work, Sunday night rolled around and it was time to head to Camden for an evenings entertainment at The Underworld.

I’d seen Roseetta Stone the previous year (GIG 205), at the same venue, but they hadn’t really grabbed me. I half suspected at the time it may have been because I was pretty shattered and probably not in the best condition to go to a gig so that – combined with liking the bands records and having a bunch of friends going – convinced me to give them a second shot.

And I was glad I did.

They were much better this time round (or atleast I appreciated them properly this time round) and along with the support band – De Volganes who I never heard of before or after – put on a really good night of music. Being a bank holiday weekend, and a goth band in demand, meant that The Underworld was pretty heaving with a really good turnout. I bumped in to loads of people so a great evening catching up, listening to good music, and not having to worry about waking up early for work the next day! Win!

Rosetta Stone – The Witch

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