GIG 205: Rosetta Stone / Enrapture – The Underworld, 22nd April 1995

Having this evenings gig at The Underworld meant that an afternoon spent exploring Camden Market seemed like the sensible things to do. Given it was a Saturday and the Markets would be in full gear.

I’d never seen Rosetta Stone before so was really keen on finally getting to see them live.

I’m not sure if an afternoon wandering stalls had tired me out but neither of the bands got me into the mood. Enrapture, whom I’d seen a number of times, weren’t a band I was overly keen on anyway but I liked Rosetta Stone – had albums and singles from them and would happily dance away at a club if their songs came on. But for whatever reason, on this occasion, they seemed a little flat. Not bad by any means, but more ‘average’ than they should have been which was a shame.

Rosetta Stone – An Eye For The Main Chance
Price: £5.00

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