GIG 279: Right Said Fred – Camden Palace, 23rd April 1996

Yeah… ok… I’d never have thought I’d be seeing Right Said Fred. I’d never have thought Right Said Fred would play the Indie Feet First club night at Camden Palace. Yet here I was, and here they were. A band that had scored #1 hits in 70 countries which would go on to be feature in over 50 films and TV shows, and over 100 commercials. Strangely their best known song never made it to #1 in the UK (one of the few countries it didn’t) as it only reached the heady heights of #2, having been held off top spot by Bryan Adams “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” which dominated the charts throughout 1991. “I’m Too Sexy” still featured in the UK Top Ten for three months though… but they finally made #1 in the UK the following year with their third single “Deeply Dippy”.

The Fairbrass brothers were actually very talented musicians, which is something I didn’t really klnow or appreciate until writing this entry. They’d been playing since the mid-70’s and had been in a band called The Actors who toured with the likes of Joy Divison and Suicide. Richard Fairbrass (the singer) had been a session bassist for the liked of Boy George, David Bowie, and Mick Jagger, whilst his borther Fred Fairbrass (guitar) had worked with Bob Dylan.

Anyway, back to Camden Palace on the 23rd April 1995.

I don’t know what any of us were really expecting when we found out Right Said Fred were playing. I didn’t mind a bit of cheesy pop, despite looking like a black clad goth. I can confidently say I’d never have gone to see Right Said Fred play their own gig so the chance to see them at Feet First was the only way (barring a festival) that I’d have ever gotten the opportunity to see them.

I would have completely missed out because of that mindset.

Right Said Fred were immense. They were absolutely stunning live and one of the best bands I’d see in 1996 – and that year would have a lot of competition. I was stunned. Stunned and very sweaty from the non-stop dancing.

Wow. So very pleased to have seen them live – and proof once again (if proof was ever needed) that Feet First put on such a wide variety of bands on their Tuesday night clubnights that could range from the dire to the fantastic.

Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy
Price; Free with Guest Pass

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