GIG 271: Pitchshifter – Camden Palace, 26th March 1996

PITCHSHIFTER! OMG, Pitchshifter were among one of the best bands I saw at Camden Palace’s Feet First club. They were an Industrial/metal band from Nottingham and had been on my radar for a couple of years due to their Industrial (1991) and Desensitized (1993) albums. I’m not sure if their third album, Infotainment? was released by the time I saw them at Camden Palace, or if this was actually a gig to support the release (highly likely) but Infotainment? was released in 1996.

They were brilliant live and I would go on and see them a few times over the next year or two – and they were well worth it every time. I always enjoyed Feet First regardless of who was playing, but they did have some fantastic bands play over the year.

Pitchshifter – Genius
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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