GIG 270: Gary Numan, Glasshouse – Astoria, 24th March 1996

I’m amazed it took me so long to see Gary Numan live in concert. I’d been a fan of his since I was a teen, and he certainly toured regularly so I didn’t have any excuse. But finally the time had come to see him live at The Astoria.

I can’t remember much about the support band, Glasshouse, but I think they were signed to Gary Numan’s record lable and he toured and produced some of their material. In anycase, they were very good and I wish I knew more of them as I wouldn’t mind hearing a track or two today – but there are so many bands playing under that name that I couldn’t locate them.

Gary Numan was worth the wait. His set was full of classics such as Are Friends Electric, We Are Glass and Cars as well as a sprinkling of newer tracks. I went on to see Gary Numan live numerous times over the years, and he’s still touring regularly so am also certain to catch him live again at some point. He’s really good, and one of the truly innovative artists of his time that has continued to evolve and change his style so his new material is as good and fresh today as his original material was when it was first released back in 1978.

Gary Numan – Are Friends Electric?
Price: £12.00

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