GIG 269: Pulp / Edwyn Collins / Denim – Wembley Arena, 2nd March 1996

This was a bit of a family outing. My youngest sister, Gen, was a massive Pulp fan at the time and another of my sisters, Dom, also really enjoyed them. This was both of their first gigs and we were joined by Melissa (my girlfriend), her younger sister Cressida, and my best mate Michael.

Unfortunately we missed the opening acts – probably due to having to get home from work and then meeting everyone to get over to Wembley. I’d have liked to have seen Edwyn Collins primarily because “A Girl Like You” was such a great track. But sadly it was not to be, but we had taken our seats in plenty of time for Pulp.

Pulp had been around forever, and actually sounded rather gothy on some of their early 80’s tracks, but they’d stuck at it before hitting success with 1994’s “His n Hers” album which was their first ever album to make the Top 100, reaching number 9 and spawning the Top 40 single “Do You Remember The First Time”. That success was completely eclipsed with what was to come with their next album, “Different Class” which hit #1 in the album charts, spawned four Top Ten singles (Common People, Sorted For E’s & Wizz, Disco 2000, and Something Changed) and made frontman Jarvis Cocker a household star.

Their set was mainly from the two hit albums, largely ignoring tracks from their earlier years, but was an amazing set. Very pleased to have seen them – and I’d see them again at atleast one festival in years to come – and a great first gig for two of my sisters.

Pulp – Common People
Price: £12.50

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