GIG 263: Skin Job – Marquee, 28th January 1996

I’m not sure who else was on the line-up on this Sunday evening at The Marquee. I’d been on my feet at the British Toy & Games Fair in Olympia all day. Whilst I was working for a record store at this point I was still pursuing the “Dwarf & Dragon” Games Pub & Store idea along with the Cubicle 7 British RPG publishing house, and of course was as a keen gamer as I’d ever been, so going along to the main British trade event was something I wouldn’t miss.

Funnily enough I also ran into someone who I’d end up working with at Cubicle 7 almost 14 years later. A young gentleman called Chris Birch, who was touting around an Egyptian-themed card and miniatures game if memory recalls correctly. Chris ended up working on Starblazer Adventures for us at Cubicle 7 before forming his own company Modiphius Entertainment which publishes a host of miniature, board, card and RPGs these days, including games based on Star Trek, Dune, Fallout, James Bond, and Conan to name but a few.

Anyway, I finished off at Olympia at 6pm and headed to The Marquee with Mike H (who was working at Leisure Games at the time and been with me at Olympia all day). We stuck around to watch Skin Job, whom I’d seen previously the summer before (GIG 232) supporting Incubus Succubus and had impressed at that time.

They were excellent again here, but I’m guessing I was either tired on my feet or the main bands of the evening weren’t ones I wanted to see because we left after Skin Job and I was back home just after 9.

Skinjob – Legacy
Price: Unknown

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