GIG 256: Sheep On Drugs / Papa Brittle / Leech Woman – The Underworld, 22nd December 1995

The Friday before Christmas meant a final chance to see a load of friends out clubbing at The Electric Ballroom before the holiday break – and seeing that Sheep on Drugs were playing The Underworld (just around the corner from the Ballroom) it was a clear and obvious choice of what the pre-Ballroom activity was going to be.

Unfortunately I missed Leech Woman but was there in time to catch Papa Brittle, who were very good. Sheep on Drugs had a really great string of great gigs that I’d been to over the years and this one was no different. They put on a fantastic set and it really helped set the night up to a be a fantastic occasion.

The Ballroom was busy, although not as busy as I’d have expected – possibly because a number of people were already making the great escape from London back to their parental homes for the holiday season. Still, I had a great time – even if I had to be up to work the entire weekend at the off-license at probably their busiest two days of the year…

Sheep On Drugs – 15 Minutes of Fame
Price: £5.00

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