GIG 255: Back To The Planet – Camden Palace, 19th December 1995

Tuesday night rolled round and after spending an evening with some of my record stores colleagues I popped to Camden Palce for Feet First and to catch up with a load of my clubbing friends and to see Back To The Planet.

I’d seen Back To The Planet once before a number of years earlier supporting The Levellers (GIG 100), but they’d come quite a way since then and had even had an album make the Top 40 (1993’s “Mind and Soul Collaborators”) and a couple of singles that got withing spitting distance of the Top 50.

This must have been one of their last shows as Wikipedia has them down as splitting up in 1995, and there wasn’t much of the year left after this gig. they did reform in 2006 and are still going today.

Back To The Planet – Teenage Turtles
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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