GIG 251: Children On Stun / All Living Fear / Cathedral Lung – Borderline, 3rd December 1995

Sunday night – but not Goth night at The Marquee (which to be fair I’d not been to for a few months) but Goth night at The Borderline instead. The Borderline which was literally just around the corner from the Marquee so I’m not sure what was on at The Marquee that night but if it was ‘goth’ bands I’m not sure how well attended it was as many of the usual suspects were here at The Borderline to see Children On Stun.

I’d seen all three bands before – Children On Stun and Cathedral Lung twice each, and All Living Fear once. Out of the three it was probably the opening act, Cathedral Lung, who I liked best and they put on another strong performace. All Living Fear followed suit and continued the high standard. Children On Stun were the weakest of the three for me, but they’d been that way the previous times I’d seen them too. They had the largest following, but for some reason for me personally just never seemed to hit the spot.

A good Sunday evenings entertainment though.

Children On Stun – Whiskey A Go-Go
Price: £4.00

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