GIG 250: Mega City Four – Camden Palace, 21st November 1995

I’d just started a new part-time job at an off license in Finchley, only a few hours a day to bring in a little bit of money, and had headed to a friends house (Emily) in Kentish Town after work and hung out watching amovie until just before midnight. Being a Tuesday I headed down the road from hers to Mornington Crescent and popped into Camden Palace for a few hours to see the midnight band and catch up with friends for a bit of dancing until 2-3am.

The band of the night were Mega City Four, a veteran of the live music scene since the early 80’s playing their blend of indie-punk rock. I knew the name, and think I even had a single or EP from a few years earlier, but they weren’t a band I listened to or knew much about. I caught them towards the end of their existence as the band broke up in 1996.

Some of the bands at Feet First could be really good, but the bulk of them were pretty average. Mega City Four fell very much into the ‘Feet First’ haze of average bands for me.

Mega City Four – Iron Sky
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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