GIG 245: Sheep On Drugs – Camden Palace, 31st October 1995

The last day of October. Camden Palace. My third gig in as many days. My second Sheep On Drugs gig in three days. Halloween. All the ingredients you need for anotehr cracking night out at Feet First.

This was my twelth gig of October (13 if you include the instore HMV set by The Chemical Brothers – GIG 237b). It’d certainly been a very busy month but I was having a whale of a time gigging and clubbing. I was always going to be out somewhere for Halloween and the fact it landed on a Tuesday made the decision a perfectly straight forward one. Feet First at Camden Palace. The icing on the cake was they had Sheep On Drugs playing the stage at midnight.

I’d only seen Sheep On Drugs two days before supporting Front Line Assembly but obviously couldn’t get enough of a good thing. Their Feet First show was excellent. A shorter set than at their own shows, but one that was streamlined and packed full of their ‘hits’ and club classics.

Sheep On Drugs – Uberman
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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