GIG 223: Cardiacs – Camden Palace, 1st August 1995

My self exile from London didn’t last as long as I had thought it might. Whilst I’d had fun clubbing in Manchester, hanging out with friends and seeing the wonders of Blackpool for the first time London called me back for one of my best mates (Jess) birthdays. Drinking and clubbing resumed and that inevitably led to a night out at Camden Palace the following Tuesday for Feet First. What’s more it was the Cardiacs playing, whom I’d enjoyed the previous couple of times I’d seen them.

Unfortunately the Cardiacs didn’t grab me as much as they had done before on this occasion. Now that could very well be because I was still preoccupied with life, but live music and clubbing usually had a way of lifting me up. A good dance always seemed to do the trick. But, for whatever reason, I thought the Cardiacs were simply ‘alright’ – certainly not bad, but not as ‘wow’ as I’d previously seen them.

Cardiacs – As Cold As Can Be In An English Sea
Price: Free with Guest Pass

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