GIG 212: Rubicon / Angora – The Borderline, 7th June 1995

I’d last seen Rubicon back in 1992 (GIG 103) on their first tour after forming in the wake of The Fields of The Nephilim splitting up. I’d not really heard much of them in the intervening years but spotted they were playing a gig at The Borderline so a few of us brought tickets and headed down there on a warm Wednesday evening.

There were touring in support of their recently released second album, “Room 101”, which was also to be their final album as the band split up shortly afterwards.

I had really enjoyed them when I first saw them back in ’92 and they were still a great live band three yewars later. Unsurprising really given that they pretty much all had such a great background, and plenty of practice, before forming Rubicon.

I’m glad I saw them the times I did but they weren’t a band I had on the stereo hardly at all – unlike The Fields of The Nephilim who have been a constant for me since the 80’s when I first got into them right up to today, and probably for many years to come.

The support band was Angora, who were ok but not a band I’d listen to.

Rubicon – Insatiable
Price: Unknown

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