GIG 211: Cries of Tammuz / Revolution By Night / Manuskript – Marquee, 4th June 1995

A great line-up for the regular Sunday Night Goth Night at The Marquee on Charing Cross Road. Not only because two of my mates bands were playing (who were both also really good) but also because Manuskript were also opening and they were great too!

There was quite a crowd and it was one of those rare occasions were every single one of the bands playing were excellent. I’d never seen Manuskript live before but they really impressed. Revolution By Night were largely the band formerly known as Restoration II, which had themselves been part of Restoration before that band split into Vendemmian and Restoration II. I’d seen Restoration II a couple of times, and had travelled with them to Nottingham Rock City (GIG 163) the year before. So this was technically my first “Revolution By Night” gig, although they pretty much kept the same sound as their previous band so it felt familiar – they were also great.

This was my tenth time seeing Paul and the Cries of Tammuz crew live. They’d continued getting better and betetr and absolutely rocked this evening. Fantastic performances all round.

Cries of Tammuz – The Adept
Price: Unknown

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