#RPGaDAY2022 Day 18 – Where is your favourite place to play?

Welcome to #RPGaDAY2022! Now in its ninth year, #RPGaDAY was originally created by RPG author and games designer David Chapman (Conspiracy X, Doctor Who, etc) as a bit of fun and to get people talking about tabletop roleplaying games. August was chosen, I believe, to coincide with tabletop roleplaying’s gaming mecca that is Gen Con – which usually takes place in the States (Inidanapolis these days) every August.

#RPGaDAY is open to everyone so if you want to join in just check out the prompts below to inspire a blog, vlog, or social media post to celebrate everything great about our hobby with the tag #RPGaDAY2022

Day 18 : Where is your favourite place to play?

My immediate thought for this one was ‘at home’, as that’s where we play the most and it’s nice having everyone come round for the day, or weekday evening, and have a game. But giving it some additional thought I think I actually prefer to play in a communual chalet or lodge that we’ve rented for a few days with a group of friends.

Renting a holiday home, chalet or lodge, for a few days means we’re all in the same place without having to worry about travelling back and forth from our respective homes, getting to the game after work of having to wrap up by a certain time because we need to get home for work the following day.

It gives us all 2, 3 days, a week, or whatever exclusively to enjoy each others company and games. Whilst we have played a 2-3 day mini-campaign before we more often than not play a variety of games over the break. We work out before hand what we’d like to play over the holiday and who is going to GM what, so a lot of the pre-game preparations have been sorted before we arrive so the actual ‘holiday’ gaming time is maximised without too much time taken up with character generation or whatnot.

So my favourite place to play would be a nice holiday home somewhere quiet with friends, with nice scenery and good places to go for a walk between sessions to get some air and stretch your legs.

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