GIG 192: The Blue Aeroplanes – Camden Palace, 20th December 1994

This was kind of our Christmas Party in some ways. A hoit of us all met up at The World’s End pub in Camden after work for a few drinks and then headed down the road to Mornington Crescent for the Feet First Club at Camden Palace. I hadn’t been to Feet First in about six months and after a heavy few weorks dealing with Christmas shoppers and deadlines for Valkyrie magazine I was pretty keen on having a fun evening to blow out – even if I had to be back at work for 9.30 the next morning.

The Blue Aeroplanes were the clubs midnight band on this occasion. The band had been around since 1981 but were not a band I knew beyond having heard of their name in the music press a few times. Hailing from Bristol, and still going today, they have released over a dozen albums and compilations and (as I have just discovered) also own The Fleece music venue in Bristol these days.

Given I knew little to nothing about them at the time they really impressed me live. Not sure why I never picked up an album or saw them again, but glad I caught them on this occasion.

The Blue Aeroplanes – Jacket Hangs
Price: £2 with flyer

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