GIG 187: Patricia Morrison / Incubus Succubus / Enrapture – Marquee, 30th October 1994

Patrica Morrison had been the bassist for The Sisters of Mercy for the ‘Floodland’ album. She was an iconic part of the band and in the videos such as ‘This Corrosion’ and ‘Dominion’. Between 1987’s ‘Floodland’ and 1990’s ‘Vision Thing’ Patricia left the band citing money owed to her. In 1994 she released a solo album, ‘Reflect On This’, and a couple of years later joined The Damned, and married Dave Vanian (The Damned’s lead singer) in 1997.

It was in support of her solo album that brought her to the Marquee the day before Halloween to headline a bill which included Incubus Succubus and Enrapture – two bands I’d seen a bunch of times before.

A few months earlier I had ended up going out clubbing with Patricia. We met at a Vampire Society meeting in London and several of us had decided to continue the night by finding a club to go to. It was during the week, so choices were a bit limited, and I think we ended up at a slightly more indie/rock night – possibly at The Underworld in Camden if I remember correctly… It was a fun, rather drunken, evening and although we spoke a bit that evening we hadn’t since and given the amount of alcohol being consumed I doubt anyone remembers much about who they met that night beyond the people they already knew. I only remember Patricia because of who she was, and I am under no illusion that I held the same prestige ;p

Enrapture were alright as the first band on, but were eclipsed by Incubus Succubus – but then they eclipsed most bands they played with as Tony, Candia and co were really top of their game and heads and shoulders better than many of the other bands on the circuit at the time.

Paticia was alright too. Possibly suffered a little for coming on after Incubus Succubus, but she pretty good. I wouldn’t say she was an act I’d have rushed out to see again, but I’m glad I managed to catch her live atleast once.

Patricia Morrison – Alone
Price: Unknown

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