GIG 152: CNN / Maitreya – Camden Palace, 22nd February 1994

Camden Palace at it’s best. Tonight was a combination of a fantastic crowd, fantastic band (or bands on this occasion as it was one of the rare times that the Feet First Club had two bands playing on the same night), at an already fantastic club and venue.

Now I used to go to Camden Palace’s Tuesday ‘Feet First’ night a fair bit anyway, but on this occasion a whole crowd of us went largely because CNN were playing. I’d seen CNN the previous December in the back room of the Water Rats (GIG 141) but was really keen on seeing them again as they’d become a favourite of the moment.

Loads of people were out for the evening too. Apart from the crowd I went with we bumped into the team from Orc’s Nest (another games store in London), Andi and the guys from Creaming Jesus, and loads more people who I knew. It was quite a party atmosphere.

The first band on, at 10.30, were Maitreya – a band I really liked live but am pretty sure I never saw, or heard, again. Certainly browsing the net comes up with other recent bands using the name but nothing of the band I saw back in 1994. Shame as going by this evening they were really pretty good.

CNN took to the stage at midnight and, once again, played a fantastic set full of their singles (past and present) and tracks that would make up their forthcoming album. Really great fun.

CNN – Young Stupid and White
Price: £1 or £2 with flyer

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